"I am a textile artist and tutor who is passionate about reusing and remaking."

I am a textile artist and tutor who is passionate about reusing and remaking. In 1996 during a very trying time in my life I went to a workshop where we were taken to the local op shops and with the things we found in there we had to do something. We cut up and we stitched. Raw edges encouraged, big uneven stitches allowed. And I felt as if had come home. Shortly after that I went to an eco dye workshop. I have flown with it ever since.


Over time I discovered what an abundance of materials there is to work with in second hand outlets. I developed an eye for good quality clothing, wool blankets and fabrics.  There were other workshops I attended and some years later I started to conduct workshops myself as well as selling my works. What I made was wall pieces of hand stitched eco dyed wool blanket and added silk embellished with found objects. Later on I started to make garments out of my dyed material and remaking dyed preworn clothing. Often I would find beautiful woollen, linen, silk and cotton clothing in op shops. All that was wrong with them was that they were outdated.  I re purposed those with added scraps of collected materials and other cut up pieces of clothing.


There is something about preused cloth what touches my heart. It is softer than new material. Some of the energy of previous 

owners seems to be embedded in the fabric


I am passionate about reusing as we live in such a wasteful society. The working conditions under which clothing is mass produced are often appalling. Therefore I am an advocate of using what already has been produced and give it a longer life. Making do, remaking and recycling gives clothing and other things like furniture and garden features etc a uniqueness which is hard to beat.


My work sewing, stitching and dyeing is my life. My sources for eco dyeing I find on my daily walks in the form of sea weed from the beach. Eucalyptus leaves as windfall in the town parks, walnut husks out of friends gardens and maple leaves, blackberry and rose leaves and dahlia flowers out of my own garden. Elderberries and Native Cherry from along the highway. Onion skins and teas from the kitchen. I have a great set up outside to work and  simmer my dyepots. Inside I have got my home studio, where I sew, design  and stitch.


I sell my work at Cocoon in Penguin Tas, which is a business which specialises in recycled and exclusive furniture, home wares,

lighting, art, unique clothing and much more.

Also at occasional artisan markets, from my home studio and at events, such as textile forums and basketry gatherings.


Since I started off I have conducted numerous workshops in Tasmania and interstate. I have taught at textile forums and a

natural dye symposium. I have participated in joined exhibitions and have had solo exhibitions.


Workshops I have available are:


Old Fashion….Transformed - remaking of outdated clothing

The Essence of Nature - eco dyeing

Creative embroidery - exploring the joys of free hand stitching

From Sketch to Stitch - do a quick sketch and learn how to turn it into an embroidery using your own unique design