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Creative Embroidery

When attending this workshop, you will need to bring the following articles:

  1. A range of second hand fabrics and/or garments, rags, lace.

  2. Back ground materials. With that I mean  pieces of fabric to stitch  and layer upon. It could be the base of your work you want to create such as a sample, book cover, cushion cover.

  3. Silk, organza, precious bits of fabric, anything you like. A broad selection is good. Some blanket material and other heavier fabric could be handy. If you have any materials to share would be great.

  4. Threads. Sewing, embroidery threads, wool, linen .Anything.

  5. Sewing kit, incl. needles in different sizes suitable for the threads you use, pins, scissors.

  6. Notebook, biro, pencil. Some paper, if you want to sketch(optional)

  7. Embellishments such as beads or found objects in the form of shells, washers, small pieces of driftwood, etc.

  8. Anything you would like to work with.

  9. A favourite textile or piece of clothing, with some kind embroidery on it.


I will bring several pieces of my work for you to have a look at and inspire you.


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