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  1. Any piece(s) of clothing such as skirts, pants, jumpers, cardigans (t)shirts).

  2. Lace, scraps of material, crochet doyleys, pieces of embroidery.

  3. Buttons, found objects, shells, washers anything you can think off.

  4. Knitting yarns and embroidery threads. Sewing cotton. Choosing these complimenting the materials you want to work with. They could be in similar colours as your materials or totally different.

  5. Sewing kit including pins needles scissors etc.

  6. Sewing machine if you choose to use one.(Take all the bits what goes with it plus instruction book). Or your chosen project could be done in hand stitch only.


Techniques used in this workshop are embroidery and various ways of hand stitching, using the sewing machine by choice, the transforming of items mentioned in the requirement list into something of value for the participant.

Basic sewing skills are required for this workshop.

If working with a sewing machine it has to be in good working order.

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