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Cutting with Courage

Requirements list:

  1. Garments out of your wardrobe or op shop you want to turn into something different such as T shirts, tops and/or skirts.

  2. Fabrics which compliments the items you want to work with, which could be other pieces of clothing you want to cut up. Scarfs, velvets, silks etc. Materials which drape well are good. Stretch fabrics and velvets are also great for trimmings.

  3. Embellishments of your choice, such as buttons, beads, lace, doyleys, found objects, anything you can think of.

  4. Embroidery threads, linen threads, wool threads and fancy knitting yarn. Fine Perle embroidery yarn.

  5. Sewing kit including scissors. Sewing cottons.

  6. Notebook or sketch book with biro/pencils.

  7. Sewing Machine. All the bits what go with it, threads, needles etc.

If you have a sewing mannequin bring one, if you can. For this workshop basic sewing skills are required. Knowledge of how to operate your sewing machine is essential and the machine has to be in good working order.

If you so wish you can transform your chosen garment with hand stitching only or machine and hand stitching combined.

Expected out come of this workshop:

  • Make a trendy wearable art piece out of outdated or second hand pieces of clothing.

  • New sewing and stitching ideas and skills may be developed.

  • Problem solving as you go.

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