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From Sketch to Stitch
  1. A4 or A5 sketch book. I use Visual Art Diary 125 gsm Cartridge paper. But anything what suits you!

  2. Various pencils, charcoal pencils, biro’s, sharpies in a few thicknesses. Bring what you have. You don’t have to have everything mentioned above. If you do draw, bring what you have and feel comfortable with.

  3. Optional! Some (water) colour pencils and /or watercolours with a few pencils if you want to give your sketches a little colour.

  4. Wax crayons for textiles, charcoal stick for frotage on cloth.  A few A 4 cotton fabric pieces. Calico and plain coloured cotton is good. ( This requirement is for day 2 only) 

  5. Fabrics for the back ground. We won’t be working larger than A4. Materials will have to be reasonably sturdy but not too dense, so it is easy to pull the needle and thread through while stitching. You can also work on more layers.

  6. Scraps of silk and other selected materials.

  7. Embroidery threads. Perle and embroidery floss.

  8. One or more simple objects you want to draw.

  9. Sewing kit, including various needles, some pins and scissors.


There will be some materials to share and tissue paper will be provided.

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